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Sunday, March 29, 2009


To: EU, Greek Ministry of tourism, Greek Ministry of public transports

Petition for allowing dogs in Greek public transport (EN) In Greece pets and especially dogs are not allowed entrance in most of the public transport vehicles. At least 1.500.000 Greeks own dogs and at least 16.000.000 tourists are visiting Greece per year, many of them with their dogs. All these people when they try to use public transportation are called to deal with a situation present in no other Country of EU. Dogs are not allowed entrance, while on leash, to buses, trams and trains in Greece! The mandatory use of a crate, which in some cases is also not allowed, makes the transportation of medium and large dogs by public means of transportation impossible. With this petition we demand what should be obvious for an EU country. Provided that the dogs are not aggressive they should be able to escort their owners in any public transport vehicle. By paying tickets like any other passengers our dogs should be able to travel with us. Tourists and permanent citizens should be able to carry their friends easily around Greece without being obliged to own or rent a car in order to do so!

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